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In the Mood for Mahara at the Moot and on the Move …


After the Moot is before the Moot has become true in Munich in a a double sense: Before the next MoodleMoot in Leipzig in February 2014 there will be the first German MaharaMoot in September organized as a Barcamp.

But let me start at the beginning. The German annual MoodleMoot took place in MunichSAMSUNG last week with more than 400 participants and a great variety of sessions. I am writing this blogpost in English as a tribute to our English speaking guests who had come a long way or were online to make their contributions to Change in Learning.

Julian Ridden aka @moodleman who had the longest trip from Sydney and who was a star at the conference with his “Moodle muss schöner werden” session and his theme building preworkshop enjoyed being able to meet the German Moodlers and exchange ideas with them.

Then there was David Mudrak from Moodle headquarter , normally coding from his home office in Czech Republic but a “usual suspect” at

all German Moots , doing a developer workshop for the Moodle geeks and fulfilling the Mojito mission with some hardcore moodlers on the last evening ….

maryA first time visitor from Britain from her freshly painted orange kitchen was Mary Cooch, well-known as @moodlefairy    and it was unbelievable how she did her presentation in flawless German though she had not been in Germany for decades! Stephan Rinke has written about that in his blog. Note that whatever Mary was wearing there was always some orange piece in it!!!! You get a glimpse of it in the picture with Julian and David above.

Again I had the great pleasure to have Kristina Hoeppner aka @anitsirk from Wellington give us a talk on Mahara directly from the Catalyst headquarter.  Kristina is German so she did her presentation on the MAHARA community and collaboration in German with her nice New Zealand accent ;-). And as she is the nicest and most helpful person you can imagine, you can watch her uploaded presentation with audio on slideshare. So for all interested in Mahara who missed this presentation, here it is:

Mahara again filled a whole track during this Moot and I could welcome another big player of the international Mahara network, Don Presant who also did an online presentation on professional development in Manitoba, Canada.

SAMSUNGBut there were not only experts from abroad working with ePortfolio and Mahara but we had one of the best German teams using Mahara for competence centered learning in individual learning steps: “Lernen mit Lernschritten” was presented by a team from Oskar von Miller Schule who use Mahara and the ePortfolio concept in a very student centered way, changing the paradigms of learning and teaching at their school. They covered several aspects of the ePortfolio work and it was fascinating to see how passionate the team was about their project.

At the end of day one and after my Preworkshop on MAHARA I am convinced that Mahara is now going one step further in Germany getting into productive status. There are so many good projects all over Germany and Austria that school and university officials can no longer ignore the existence and importance of ePortfolio work. It looks as if we had passed the stage where we are laughed at….

While I am writing this blog entry I got another call for an ePortfolio workshop in Prague at DISCO conference where I will meet my Czech network.

Here you can view my presentation I gave to introduce into Mahara

eLearning ePortfolio moodle Tutorial Videos

The Moodle Mahara Connection :-)

Uwe Klemm hat in seinem Blog ein neues Video zur Verfügung gestellt, in dem er die neuen Möglicheiten in Moodle 2.0 der direkten Dateiübergabe an Mahara sehr anschaulich demonstriert. Uwe geht auch darauf ein, dass durch diese Schnittstelle die Trennung von “Moodle is yours – Mahara is theirs” aufgehoben wird und sich das gemeinsame Lernen im weitgehend vom Lehrer bestimmten Moodleraum leichter mit dem selbstbestimmten Lernen des einzelnen Schülers in seinem Mahara Portfolio verbinden lässt. Dadurch wird jetzt auch das Problem gelöst, dass Lehrer die Aufgaben im Moodle hochladen lassen und die Schüler diese bisher separat in Mahara laden mussten. Wenn sich in unserem Land dann auch mal der Sinn von Schüler ePortfolios hermsprechen sollte, eine perfekte Kombination fürs Lehren und Lernen. Hier Uwes Video:


From ePortfolios to mPortfolios for lifelong learning

Helen Barrett, the Grande Dame of the portfolio concept is now promoting in her blog the next logical step: mPortfolios for learning. The m stands for mobile and makes writing on blogs much more spontaneous. With the WordPress app for the iPad there are no limits to where and when people write their posts and I could well imagine that young people being so much used to texting  all day long would find it easier to keep their blog up to date from their mobile devices. Adding a thought or uploading an image on the go might not be the ultimative way of writing meaningful stuff but could well be used for keeping track of thoughts  that can be dealt with in detail later.

Helen points out that the new Android based OLPC tablet will be available for only 75$ in 2011. This will be another step in the direction of empowering students to participate in learning, no matter where they are.

To me this sounds like good news BUT considering how difficult it is in Germany to get the normal ePortfolio philosophy of sudent’s owned learning space acceptable for teachers , I am afraid we are a century away from these developments. I tried to promote the use of mobile devices for learning in school to a larger audience but what we actually have is the total ban of mobile phones and all other mobile devices. In many schools you come across big prohibition signs as soon as you put your foot across the doorsteps. So before we can even start considering using mobile devices for blogging or writing ePortfolios we have to trigger a big shift in the minds of teachers and school administrators. They will need to understand that all this technology is not just a new gadget but makes independent student centered self-responsible learning much easier for the young generation. It’s a long way to go…. is there hope?


PLE und E-Portfolios -Ist das die Zukunft der Bildung?”

Wie angekündigt, gibt es hier die ausführlichen Infos zum ersten Termin der diesjährigen Online Round Table-Reihe (Hashtag = ORT09).

Thema “Persönliche Lernumgebungen und E-Portfolios – Ist das die Zukunft der Bildung?”

Montag, 19. Januar 2009, 19 Uhr (CET), 60 bis 90 Minuten
Moderation: Thomas Bernhardt und Marcel Kirchner

Here is the promised PowerPoint Presentation which I have uploaded to autorstream. Just checked it, e.th. works fine, even the links are active….. so you may watch it at your own space…. and even see the end of it. I was so nervous when I held the presentation tonight that I didn’t find the most simple words like “inauguration” … what a shame… in the end I started to like it and grew more comfortable, esp. as there were so many friends around I’ve known for quite some time now. I still thnk itis not easy talking to your monitor without seeing people’s faces and reactions- which leads to peeping on the chat window -impossible with 50 participants actively chatting along ;-)

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by sigi

I have to improve my time management, I always tend to consume too much time – next time they won’t allow me to come first as speaker ;-)…   Big thanks to the team who gave me such friendly support!


New Video on ePortfolio, LMS and PLE

Wolf Hilzensauer from Salzburg Research has published a new video on the use and conception of ePortfolios in his  Blog . He points out the different functions of LMS, PLEs and ePortfolios in a short and precise comment:

Thank you Wolf!