Hop on the train! Change MOOC – #change11

With a delay of one week –  having the excuse that my WP blog was playing up with a server update – I will finally jump onto the ” MOOC of change train”  with its open platforms and flexible timetables and free transport to all parts of the world, making it an ideal place for my favourite passtime: networking :-) (My twitter name one of my friends gave me is “Networking_lady“)

Although I stopped teaching a year ago and am now somewhat like a “retired teacher” I could not stop participating in ongoing discussions on education and have been part of an international social network of engaged educators who are actively promoting – and living – change!

Due to twitter which is much faster and more effective for getting an overview of wjat is going on I have neglected my blog for some time now. MOOC #change11 now brings me back to writing and reflecting and I am curious to see in which direction my learning and contributing will go… change 11 being a completely open learning space.

To give readers of my blog an idea what this MOOC #change11 is all about I’d like to start with Stephen Downes’ intro video before talking abot why I decided to take part in this exciting challenge.

What I really like about this MOOC is its openness both in ways of allowing everybody to take part but also in challenging participants to find their own way to contribute and and get inspired by the daily newslwetter and also other people’s contributions. This requires a lot of open mindedness as still most learners are used to be guided through a learning process and given tasks to fulfill with more or less freedom. So it might look very chaotic at the beginning and will remain impossible to follow everything that is going on during these 36 weeks but itwill be a great opportunity to get in touch with new perspectives, learn from other people’s experience and will be an awesome platform for more networking.

Already now some German educators have jumped on the train and I am glad that @mons7, @ralfh, @dieGoerelebt  and @VolkmarLa will help building  the network and do some brainstorming on what we could contribute from Germany ;-)

Dörte has written about her goals for this course in her blog with all the relevant links for newcomers to the MOOC.

A big thank you to the facilitators and organizers of this MOOC , Stephen, George and Dave, all three very enthusiastic guys in making learning different.

I hope that their call for change will be heard also in Germany, though most contributions of the MOOC #change11 are in English… let us spread the word!

 Last not least a new scoop.itChange11

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